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Czech activities in the USA: Calendar for August 07′ July 1, 2007

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1. New York, NY (the Czech Center)

  • What: “Meet Contemporary Czech Design” exhibition
  • When: July 07′ – Sept. 15th

2. Astonia, NY (Bohemian Beer Garden)

  • What: Showing of various Czech movies
    • Aug. 5th: Holiday Makers (Ucastnici Zajezdu)
    • Aug. 12th: Bored in Brno (Nuda v Brne)
    • Aug 19th: Skritek (Skritek)
    • Aug 26th: Devided we fall (Musime si pomahat)

3. Prague, Texas (Czech Heritage Society of Texas)

  • What: “Prazska Pout” (Prague Fair) Fair
  • When: Aug. 15th
  • What: St. Cyril and Methodus Catholic Church Picnic
  • When: Aug 26th
  • Where: Cistern, Texas……CLICK ON “MORE ” TO SEE MORE ACTIVITES!!

4. Brookfield, Illinois (United Moravian Societies)

  • What: UMS Picnic
  • When: Aug 12th
  • Where: Kiwanis Park

5. Cedar Rapids, Iowa (National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library)

  • What: Master Puppet Maker Performance
  • When: Aug. 1st or 2nd
  • What: CSA Annual Meeting
  • When: Aug 2nd-4th
  • What: Gallery Tour of Puppetry “Suspended Imagination
  • When: Aug. 4th
  • What: WFLA Exhibit
  • When: Aug 9th -Nov.11
  • What: Czech Village Concert Series
  • When: Aug. 10th, Aug. 17th& Aug. 24th
  • What: Puppetry Workshop (long-cherished Czech tradition)
  • When: Aug. 18th

6. Baltimore, Maryland (Czech and Slovak Heritage Association)

  • What: Tamburitzans (dancers performing Eastern European dances)
  • When: Aug 07′ through May 08′ (check the website for a specific US location near you)

7. North Miami, Florida (American-Czech-Slovak cultural club)

  • What: bluegrass band “Druha Trava” performs acoustic Czech/world music
  • When: Aug 24th

8. New Philadelphia, Ohio (Moravian Church in North America)

  • What: The 550the Anniversary of the Moravian Church celebration
  • When: Aug 10th – Aug 12th

9. Washington, DC (the Embassy of the Czech Republic)

  • What: Exhibition “Modernity in Central Europe” (also connected with other Czech cultural events)
  • When: June 07′ – August 07′

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