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Film Festival in Karlovy Vary is on/ Zacal filmovy Festival v Karlovych Varech June 30, 2007

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kristalovy-globus-karlovy-vary.jpg The 42nd Film Festival in Karlovy Vary has just begun. It will be showing the total of 220 movies, where the best fiction movie wins the Crystal Globe prize (see the photo attached) as well as $20,000. The documentary movies are this year competing for a prize of $5,000 (quite the difference there…). The opening event on Friday was hosted by the world famous movie stars such as Renee Zellweger and Dany de Vito. Pour Renee started her trip to the Czech Republic quite adventurously: she was informed at the London airport that ALL of her luggage had gotten lost somewhere on the way, including her fancy evening dress! Well, let’s hope that Dany de Vito will be generous enough to lend her his toothbrush and she will be able to find something to wear from the Wenceslav Square boutique selection.. One of the Czech movie runners-up that is competing for the Crystal Globe this year is Sverak’s movie “Vratne Lahve” (Return bottles), so let’s cross our fingers for him…Do you know, by the way, how much does a film festival like this costs these days? The whole sum has settled in last years to about 115 million Kc, which is about 6 million dollars. The 75% to 80% of it is payed by various private firms and the rest is usually divided between the Ministry of Culture and the district of Karlovy Vary. More on this film festival can be found at

CZ: 42. rocnik filmoveho festivalu v Karlovych Varech predvede tento rok celych 220 celovecernich filmu, jak hranych, tak dokumentarnich. Vcerejsi zahajovaci vecer byl uveden svetovymi hvezdami filmoveho platna jako je Renee Zellwergerova a Dany de Vito. Chudak Zellwegerova zacala svuj vylet se smulou na patach. Jiz v Londyne zjistila, ze se ji ztratily vsechny jeji zavazadla, vcetne jeji vecerni roby! No, doufejme, ze se ji nejaky ten novy butikovy kostymek na Vaclavaku zalibi a kartacek na zuby si bude moci pujcit od Danyho…Film, ktery vyhraje cenu “pro nejlepsi hrany film” obdrzi tzv. Kristalovy globus a 20,000 USD. Nejlepsi dokumentarni film dostane jako cenu 5,000 USD (trosku vetsi rozdil…). Jako jeden ze soutezicich ceskych filmu bude uveden Sverakuv novy film “Vratne Lahve”, tak mu drzime palce. Kolik si myslite, ze takova”filmova akcicka” v dnes stoji?? Suma se pry v poslednich letech ustalila kolem 115 milionu korun (6 milionu USD), zatimco vetsina castky (75% – 80%) je zaplacena soukromymi firmamy a o zbytek se deli ministerstvo kultury a Karlovarsky kraj. Vice na tema Filmoveho festivalu v Karlovych Varech najdete na



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