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Czech stuff: calendar for July 07′ June 27, 2007

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National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library images-1.jpg

Cedar Rapids, Iowa


  • July 4th – UpBeat! Concert Series (Czech Plus Band)
  • July 13th – Czech Village Concert series (Czech Plus Band)
  • July 14th – UpBeat! Concert Series (Leonard’s Reyman’s Accordion club)
  • July 18 – UpBeat! Concert Series (Cedar Rapids Municipal Band)
  • July 19th – Learn at Lunch (lecture on Czech puppetry)
  • July 20th – Czech Village Concert Series (Leonard Reynman’s accordion club)
  • July 21st – Puppetry workshop
  • July 23rd through Aug. 2nd – Traditional Czech Wooden Marionette Making workshop
  • July 27th – Emil Viklicky alive (Jazz band)


Czech and Slovak Heritage Association (Baltimore, Maryland)


Towson, MD

  • July 15th – Sokolfest XXV

Washington, DC
July 29th – TATRA Auto Exhibit


Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Astonia, NY

  • Showing of Czech movies
  1. July 1st – Pupendo
  2. July 8th – Wrong Side Up (Pribehy obycejneho silenstvi)
  3. July 15th – Cozy Dens (Pelisky)
  4. July 22nd – Wonderful years that sucked (Bajecna leta pod psa)
  5. July 29th – The Ride (Jizda)


Chicago, IL


Prague Days in Chicago

  • June 15th through July 31st – Exhibiton of paintings of Oldrich Kulhanek (Prints and Drawings)
  • June 13th through July 31st – Exhibition of paintings of Jan Grimm (The Retrospective)


Sweet Home Hall

Sweet Home,Texas

( )

  • July 8th – 17th Annual Sweet Home Polka & Chicken Fest


United Moravian Societies

Glendale Heights, IL

( )

  • July 29th – Czech American Congress Picnic

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