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Miro Zbirka rocks New York / Miro Zbirka rokuje New Yorkem June 26, 2007

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zbirka.jpg Famous Slovak rock/pop star Miro Zbirka was playing last night at the church of St. Nepomuc in Manhattan, NY. New York is his only stop on this year’s American tour (two years ago he also played in Chicago and Los Angeles) and then he is heading for Canada. Miro rocked the house (well, church…) with the all-time favorites such as Atlantida, Biely kvet( White flower), or 22 dni (22 Days). When the press asked him about how he liked playing in New York he replied: Playing abroad for the Czech/Slovak audience becomes very emotional since a lot of these people left their homeland a long time ago. Some of them have not been back home for seven or nine years. That’s why it’s understandable that a concert like this fulfills not only the musical cravings but it also reminds them the times when they were still at home (=Czech Republic, Slovakia). These kind of people absorb my music on a different, more emotional, level”. What most people don’t know about Zbirka is that his mother is English so he sings in both languages: in Slovak and in English.

By the way, did anyone go see him??


CZ: Znama sovenska rokova hvezda starych a novych casu Miro Zbirka v nedeli rokoval ve slovenskem katolickem kostele sv. Jana Nepomuckeho na Manhattanu. New York je jeho jedina zastavka v Americe (oproti roku 2005, kdy take mimo New Yorku koncertoval v Los Angeles a Chicagu) a pote se chysta potesit fanousky take v Kanade. Kostel se otrasal starymi hitovkamy jako Atlantida, Biely kvet, nebo 22 dni. Zbirka uvedl, ze krajanske obecenstvo v zahranici je jine nez na co je zvykly z domacich koncertu: ” Je to o emocich, protoze je tu mnoho lidi, kteri odesli uz pred delsim casem. Potkavam se tu take s lidmi, kteri nebyli doma sedm nebo devet let. Koncerty jim plni i nektere veci mimohudebni, pripominaji jim casy, kdy byli doma. Takove koncerty vnimaji divaci daleko emotivneji.” Malo lidi vi, ze jeho matka byla anglicanka a proto take zpiva v obou jazycich, jak anglictine, tak v cestine.

Koupil jste si na nej nekdo listky???



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