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Bolek Polivka is onto something again../ Bolek Polivka zase neco kuti.. June 15, 2007

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uninted-we-stand.jpg Famous Czech actor, screenwriter and comedian Bolek Polivka, which is known from the movies “Divided we fall” (Musime si pomahat;2000), “Something like happiness” (Stesti; 2005), Pelisky (1999), Balada pro banditu (Ballad for a bandit;1983) and others, is getting ready to create the world’s biggest Raznici (grilled meat-and-vegetable skewers). The competition is going to be held at his farm in Olsany and is supposed to be connected also with the race of historical bicycles. Since the raznici recipes vary from a country to a country (Balkans for instance add tomatoes to raznici), each international piece of raznici will be divided by a little flag particular to the specific country. The event is scheduled for the end of July.The goal is to beat the current 10m-long raznici record and to be included into the Guinness Book of world records. Thanks to Polivka’s peculiar competitive events, the farm has become a very known place. In the past it was hosting contests such as “catching the flies”, “catching the shadows” or literally “throwing the gun into the hay” ( “hazeni flinty do zita” is a Czech expression and it means “to give up”.

One would use it in a sentence as “don’t throw the gun into the hay yet”, meaning “don’t give up yet”). Three years ago Polivka’s plan was to fly to the Moon in his wooden spaceship and establish there a Plum Tree farm. And what was he up to last year? They were having a hunting competition but not for game but for clowns! 🙂

CZ: Znamy cesky herec, scenarista a bavic Bolek Polivka, ktery se proslavil filmy jako je Musime si pomahat (2000), Pelisky (1999), Balada pro Banditu (1983) a Dedictvi aneb Kurvahosigutentag (1992), se chysta na sve farme v Olsanech na Vyskovksu vytvorit nejdelsi raznici na svete. Jelikoz raznici recepty se lysi od zeme k zemi (na Balkane napriklad napichuji na rost take rajcata), jednotlive internacionalni kousky raznici budou oddeleny vlajeckami statu. Udalost se ma konat koncem cervna a cilem je prekonat dosavadni 10-ti metrovy raznicovy rekord a nechat ho zapsat do Guinnessovy knihy rekordu. Soucasti raznicove souteze by take mela byt soutez historickych bicyklu. Polivkova farma se stala diky jeho pozoruhodnymi soutezemi velmi slavna. V minulosti se tu odehravaly souteze v chytani much, lapani stinu, nebo hazeni flinty do zita. Pred tremi lety chtel Polivka take odletet v drevene rakete na Mesic a zalozit tam svestkovy sad. A predloni? Konali tam zase hon, nikoli na zver, ale na klauny 🙂



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