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Burty Cravings / Burtova Manie May 25, 2007

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burty031.jpg Not long ago I was really craving “burty” (Czech type of a sausage). Yet I felt like the mean sister from a famous Czech fairytale called “The Twelve Months” (O Dvanacti Mesickach), where an ugly lady in the middle of a snow storm ordered a bowl of fresh-cut strawberries: where was I going to get Burty in America?? And what tool am I going to use to bake them above the fire? (You may ask why coudn’t I just broil them in the oven…. It doesn’t taste the same!) After a long thinking session I solved both problems. Instead of the real Burty I bought a Polish Kielbasa (it really tastes almost the same) and I used straightened out wire hangers as a roasting tool. The only thing left was to find a good loaf of REAL bread. The only thing that came closest to what I wanted was this group of breads called “rustic breads”. Despite the fact that the weather outside was getting pretty warm I asked my husband to make a fire in our living-room fireplace. Meanwhile I myself started to prepare my “burty”. Now, any true Czech knows that the correct preparation of Burty truly is an art: the more cuts into the Burt one makes, the crispier and yummier it will be. –>

Since I haven’t been actively involved in this art of “Burt-ism” for some time now, the whole preparation surgery took me over 20 minutes. Finally it was time to place Burty on the wire and start roasting them above the open fire. Well, what can I tell you, my husband (full-blooded American) got some good laughs out of watching me that afternoon…..UNTIL!!! he tasted the finished product! It was delicious!! I recommend it to anyone..






CZ: Nedavno jsem dostala hroznou chut na burty. Prisla jsem si ale jako ta zla sestra z pohadky “O Dvanacti mesickach”, ktera si uprosted snehove vanice obednala talir cersve natrhanych jahod : kde sezenu v Americe prave ceske burty?? A na co je napichnu??
Po dlouhem premysleni jsem rozlustila obe dve “zahady”. Misto pravych burtu jsem koupila Polskou klobasu (chutna fakt uplne stejne) a za napichovace jsem pouzila jakztakz narovnana dratena raminka. Ted jsem jen potrebovala najit ten spravny bochan chleba. Nejblizsi napodobenina se v obchodaku ukazala byt skupina chlebu pod nazvem “Rustic breads”. I kdyz bylo venku jiz pomerne teplo, prinutila jsem manzela aby nam v obyvaku rozpalil krb a zacala jsem s nakrajovanim “burtu”. Jak kazdy spravny Cech vi, spravne nakrajovani burtu je dokonalym umenim. Cim vice zarezu udelate na burtu, tim bude krupavejsi. Jelikoz jsem jiz dlouho v tomto oboru netrenovala, burtova “operace” mi trvala pres 20 minut. Pote jsem muj vytvor napichla na drat a zacala opekat. No, co vam mam povidat, manzel (rodily American) se pekne zasmal….ovsem smich ho prestal, az jeden z techto burtu ochutnal!!! Byly vynikajici!!! Vrele doporucuji…..



2 Responses to “Burty Cravings / Burtova Manie”

  1. Allen Livanec Says:

    As a USA born Czech I have made sausages all my life. I have nevery heard of “Burty”. We make Jelito & Jitrnice. I would like to know the ingredients so I could taste this version.

    Not born there but proud of my heritage.

    Allen Livanec

  2. Tanja Says:

    Hi Allen,

    the ingredience must be very close to those in Polish Kielbasa since they taste so similar. the only difference is that they are being sold at the butcher’s in clumps of 5 – 10 pieces (or whatever amount you like). Czechs usually buy them specifically to roast them above the camp fire ( or “taborak”) in the summer. It is a big traditon!
    Haven’t had jelito or jitrnice for a long time…..hmm that sound really good right now!

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