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Hope is in the Air?? ? / Nadeje ve vzduchu?? May 21, 2007

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    Germany is currently working on a new type of “Concord” but they named it Spaceliner. Now, just to compare these two planes, I did some research in Wikipedia and found out the real Concorde was taken of the air in 2003 as a result of its only crash in 2000 (Concord was flying since 1969)  as well as other economic problems rising from terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. What is also interesting that the Concorde’s engine was build by Rolls-Royce and could reach a speed up to 1,330 mph (2,140 km/h). The plane’s speed was grater than twice as much the speed of a conventional plane and that’s why the flight from London to New York took only about 3.5 hours (more on Concorde at Spaceliner’s speed, on the other hand, is 6 times faster than the speed of sound, which makes  a flight from Europe to Australia last about1.5 hours!!!!Wouldn’t that be nice – fly to Prague during my lunch hour!!!  However, there is this one thing….the ticket will cost around $5,ooo…


CZ: Nemecko nyni pracuje na novem “Concordu”, ktery se bude nazyvat Spaceliner. Opravdovy Concord byl stazen z provozu v roce 2003  a nebyl nicim nahrazen. Jen tak spesne jsem si tyto dva letouny chtela porovnat, tak jsem zabrousila na Wikipedii a dozvedela jsem se, ze duvodem proc byl Concord stazen z provozu byla nejen jeho jedina nehoda ve Francii v roce 2000 ( Concord lital jiz od roku 1969), ale take ekonomicke potize spojene s teroristickymi utoky z 11/9/2001. 

Co je take zajimave je, ze Concorduv motor byl sestaven firmou Rolls-Royce a letadlu bylo tak umozneno letat rychlosti 2,140 km/h, coz znamena, ze dostat se z Londyna do New Yourku trvalo pouhe 3 a 1/2 hodiny (vice o Concordu najdete na  Spacelinerova rychlost pry presahuje sestkrat (!!!) rychlost zvuku, coz by znamenalo, ze let z Evropy do Australie by trval….hadejte…pouhe 1 a 1/2 hodiny(coz se rovna dnesnimu letu z Cech do Italie)!!!  To by se mi libilo, doletet si na obidek do Prahy !!! Je tu ale jeden hacek; letenka by pry mela stat okolo 100 000 Kc. I kdyz cena v dolarech vymaze par tech nul ($5000), porad se z te sumy potim…..



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