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Temelin trouble / Problemy s Temelinem May 17, 2007

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1179331245_cr-rakousko-blokady-temelin1.jpg   Angred Austrian citizens are threatening to block all of the 16 Austrian border check points into the Czech republic unless the Austrian government sues the Czechs for the currently running circumstances of Temelin powerplant. The Austrian government decided to start with the diplomatic talks before it gives in to the public and starts a full-on law suit.

The Austrian anger comes from their belief that the Czech government failed to fulfill all of the requirements of the so called Melk Treaty. Suprisingly, the Czech government keeps saying that they did complete all of them and they are nothing to be blamed for. Well, where lies the truth?? One thing is for sure and that is the fact that all of the Czech families coming home from their early-summer vacationing in Italy are really suffering right now….

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Stavkujici rakoussti obyvatele nyni vyhrozuji, ze zabarykaduji vsech 16 rakousko-ceskych prejezdu, jestlize rakouska vlada nepoda zalobu na Cechy kvuli jaderne elektrarne Temelin a to do ctyr tydnu. Rakouska vlada se prozatim uchylila k mirovym rozmluvam a soudni akci si nechava az jako posledni reseni. Rakousko neni v dobre nalade vuci Cesku, ponevadz Ceska vlada pry nesplnila vsechny body z dohod z Melku. Nase vlada samozrejme tvrdi, ze je to nesmysl, a ze vsechny body splneny byly.
At je to jakkoliv, jedno je jasne: Cesi vracejici se domu z jejich dovolene v Italii jsou v ted v pekne kasi….

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