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10 things in the Czech Republic that are better than in America (part II) May 15, 2007

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• NO all-you-can-eat buffets (Getting fat!!! Hallo!!)
• Quality of bread
• Daily exercise consists of more than just pressing your foot on a gas pedal
• architecture has much more personality
• Public transportation is not used just  by homeless people and ex-cons
• Fruit and vegetables taste REAL (not like the weird, tasteless, waxy-looking stuff that is available in the US grocery stores)

• Not everyone is suing everyone for everything
• Burty ( type of kielbasa)
• Universtal public acceptance of beauty of Svickova and Vepro, Knedlo, Zelo
• Visiting another country doesn’t actally take 10 hours of flying

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6 Responses to “10 things in the Czech Republic that are better than in America (part II)”

  1. Joe Says:

    Homes are built to last 5 lifetimes not like here in the US where as if you are lucky if they last 5 years.

  2. Tanja Says:

    That’s a good point; but you can find some “good stuff” on the East Coast where a lot of homes are build from real bricks.

  3. Joe Says:

    Yes, I agree with your post, But all in all The Czech Republic and Slovakia are a much better place to live and to bring up a family than compaired to here in the US. The quality of life and family values over the past 20 -25 years here in the US have made a steep decline and i see it not getting any better in the near future. I was born and raised here in the US with family living in Slovakia and we chatt about this topic often. My Cousin was here living here in the US for 6 months and she could not wait to get back home because she could not beleave how we can survive.

  4. Tanja Says:

    Hi and thanks for the comment; I don’t know what part of Slovakia your family/cousin comes from but I come from Prague and family values there are – from my experience – almost nonexistent; not to mention that the Czech Republic has the highest divorce rate in Europe ! ( see When I was growing up many of my friend’s fathers were abusive alcoholics that were beating their wives and children. Parents had no clue on how to raise their children or even what raising children entailed. Now that I am away from all the craziness and can actually compare that experience to my current living I know what is normal and healthy. I know that to have good communication skills between husband and wife is important; I know that screaming at my husband/kids is not healthy; and I know that family is the most important thing one has so I make sure to invest a lot of time in it.
    There are many things that I love about Czechs and the Czech Republic, that’s why I created this web site, but family values are not the first thing that come to my mind.

  5. Renata Says:

    Family values are not dependent on a country you live in but people themselves. I see good family values here but also there. I love the way American fathers are involved with their kids, and that they tend to be more faithful to their wives. And I think gossip and jelousy is less common in the US than in Prague. I can’t stand the way people are always afraid of each and live by ” what would people say” in the Czech. It is more free here and I don’t worry about what people will say because they say nothing.

  6. Tanja Says:

    I totally agree regarding the father/child relationship and how devoted they are in their role as parents (same experience here). But I also think that there is something about the Czech Republic and its disapearing family values (Czech has no.1 divorce rate in Europe!!!). And I hear the same thing from my girlfriends back in Czech: lot of husbands in the Czech Republic are cheating on their wives! Not mentioning the fact that lot of them are very disrespectful to them as well….but of course, there are good guys as well (mostly exceptions though).

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