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“Prague is worse than Africa!” May 11, 2007

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Brad a Angelina zuř�: Český bulvár? Hyeny!   Screamed Angelina Jolie at the relentless press crowd. Although partially of a CZECH DESCEND (her father is half Czech and half German; more on her biography go to, this actress also said that she would never come back here even if she was payed billions of dollars. The poor soul got upset because one of the czech photographers got adventurous and climbed the fence of their rented property. One of the American press people commented that ” we dare to do a lot of things to the celebrities in the US but climbing their fences is little too much..” Yep, in the US that guy would get arrested or even shot at for what he did. But common’….Prague worse than Africa???? Then you, Angelina, must have been to different “Africa” than the one I know! Plus, how can you say that if some of that “disgraceful blood” is running in your veins too!!!!

Toto kricela vystresovana Angelina Jolie pote, co se jeden z ceskych fotografu rozhodl prelezt zed u jejich pronajate vily v Dejvicich. Tato cecho-americanka (jeji otec je puvodu ceskeho a nemeckeho) take konstatovala, ze se do Prahy uz nikdy nevrati, i kdyby ji za to nabidli bilion dolaru.Jeden z americkych novinaru se k tomu vyjadril: “my si v Americe dovolime dost k nasim celebritam, ale tohle uz je trosku moc”. No, v US by byl nefinitvne zatknuty, ne-li postreleny. Ale ze by Praha byla horsi nez Afrika??? To tedy, pani Jolieova, musite navstevovat jinou “Afriku”, nez kterou znam ja….A navic kricite na na svoji vlastni krev!!

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2 Responses to ““Prague is worse than Africa!””

  1. I believe the person who climbed the tree took photos through her window while she was bathing one of her kids.

    You think that’s ok?

  2. Tanja Says:

    No, I don’t think that’s OK and I can’t believe that that the Czech photographer could be that shameless. But, on the other hand, I think that her saying that “Prague is worse than Africa” is a little too overexaggerated.

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