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Czech Republic is becomming rich….again / Cesko si stale vice polepsuje!!! May 10, 2007

Filed under: Czech news — Tanja @ 8:53 pm

Ferrari-360-Spider-wallpapers-5.jpg (85458 bytes)     28 Czechs are becoming proud owners of Ferrari this year ( ! So far the czech roads are filled with over a hundred of them and the number of buyers has been increasing every year.  The new Ferrari costs anywhere from 5 to 8 million crowns, which is about $ 250,000 to $400,000. NOT BAD!!! Czechs are becoming rich and the economy is improving again (unless the Mafia is taking over)….like it was during the First Republic – the good old T.G. Masaryk times. Back than everything was florishing and our little First Republic was just like a “little” America: the land of opportunities (don’t take me wrong I am not 100 years old, that is just what I heard from my grandparents and what we learned at school).

Jiz 28 Cechu se tento rok stane vlastnikem nejdrazsiho auta na svete – Ferrari. Zatim jich po ceskych silnicich krouzi pres stovku, ale obednavky se kazdym rokem zvysuji. Nove Ferrari stoji mezi 5ti az 8mi miliony korun, coz je kolem $250 000 – $400 000!! Ceska ekonomie tedy nadale rozkveta (nebo ze by Cesko melo vice mafianu???), jako to bylo za casu Prvni Republiky – za casu T. G. Masaryka. Tehdy nase jen kvetla a pripominala takovou “malou Ameriku” – zem nekonecnych moznosti (ne ze by mi bylo 100 let a toto jsou me memoary, ale tak mi to alespon bylo vysvetleno mymi prarodici a ucitely)…..


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