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Guess who is visiting Prague these days??? Kdo dnes brouzda Prahou??? May 8, 2007

Filed under: Czech news — Tanja @ 12:06 am

   You wouldn’t believe who has been visiting Prague since Sunday…It is the famous “Brangelina”(i.e. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit) couple. She is shooting some kind of a comic story by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones. And of course she brought her whole family pack….how sweet. Let’s hope they will come home saying that Prague IS the most beautiful city in Europe because it simply is.

 Tak si predstavte, kdo navstevuje tento tyden Prahu!  Je to znama “Brangelina” dvojka (Pitt + Jolie). Ona prijela kvuli jakemusi nataceni komiksoveho filmu a pri te prilezitosti privezla celou svoji rodinnou tlupu. Doufejme, ze prijedou z Prahy cely okouzleni, a ze take uznaji, ze toto mesto opravdu je perlou Evropy…


4 Responses to “Guess who is visiting Prague these days??? Kdo dnes brouzda Prahou???”

  1. George Szeman Says:

    Isn’t Angelina’s daddy, Jon Voight, of Czech/Slovak descent?

  2. Tanja Says:

    I am not sure but that would explain her beauty!

  3. Marketa Says:

    I’ve also heard that she had some czech blood in her. Today I was reading that she already hates the Czech Republic and never wants to go back there. Probably just a gossip.

  4. Tanja Says:

    So I did some research on Angelina Jolie and it is true!!! Her dad is part CZECH and part German!!

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