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Gottwald lost his citizenship…. April 23, 2007

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  Klement Gottwald       Like many other towns, Vyskov – Gottwald’s birthplace – recently took away his citizenship. Gottwald was a communist president during 1950’s who enacted horrific trials upon inocent people, such as the brave czech politian Milada Horakova who was brutally hung during those trials (read more about her at

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 Ceske mesto Vyskov, jako mnoho dalsich ceskych mest, zbavilo byvaleho komunistickeho presidenta Gottwalda jeho cestneho obcanstvi. Vyskov ale, na rozdil od jinych mest, bylo jeho rodiste (to zaboli….). Gottwald byl hlavou tehedejsich vykonstruovanych politickych procesu v nichz byli odsouzeni nevinni lide, mezi nimi i znama politicka Milada Horakova (vice info o Horakove najdete na

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  1. keef Says:

    hats off to vyskov…

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